Pasco City View Cemetery Hosting the Traveling Vietnam Wall
The traveling Vietnam wall, an 80 percent scale version of the 360-foot long Vietnam  Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C., made it's way to Pasco Wednesday under the escort of fleets of motorcycles and up to 300 people coming from all over the country to honor those who have served and are s…
Now Accepting Applications for Summer Interns!
Our five radio stations plus our Scaregrounds Haunted Experience (in October) are currently accepting applications for interns to learn blogging, social media, video production and more! We teach our interns cutting-edge strategies for combining radio with digital media.
The Ultimate Perfect Beaver Shot
Now that's a headline.
And the story backs it up.
Louis-Marie Preau, a photographer, spent two to three hours a night lying perfectly still on the bank of a river trying to catch THE picture of a lifetime, of the Eurasian beaver in action...
Record NW Numbers For DEA’s National Drug Take Back Day
Residents of Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Alaska turned in 35,137 pounds (17.6) tons of prescription medications on April 29, 2017. This is the highest collection to date for the Pacific Northwest. The following are the results broken down by state:
Washington - 65 collection sites which resulted in…
Pick Your Nose, Eat It and You Won’t Get AIDS
This is so Monday. And it is so gross, but science swears it's good for you.
This is for all the kids branded as weirdos for picking their nose and eating it.
Scientists at MIT and Harvard have just concluded that picking your nose and EATING it is good for you...
More Badger Mountain Cougar Chaos
Another mountain lion was sighted at Badger Mountain. According to a story found on Facebook, a woman saw it on a recent walk. Someone else hypothesized the cougar was in the area hunting coyotes including a fresh den of whelps (baby coyotes)...

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