Date a Pacific Northwest Prisoner Via
Having a hard time meeting that special someone? Try looking at your local penitentiary via!
Dating an inmate seems unconventional but I imagine that it has its perks. If you struggle with commitment, but are looking for someone loyal, why NOT date someone at arm's length?!
Greg’s Failed Pick-up Lines [warning]
Ah Yes.. Monday night football means a new place to try out my famous pick-up lines. so far it's not working out so well.  huh weird?
DISCLAIMER:  "With Great pick-up line power, comes great pick-up line responsibility" use these with caution..chicks dig em!
Must See Social Experiment
Here, a young,  normal-looking guy finds out what happens when you stroll up behind someone you don't know and attempt to hold their hand. Strangers don't let Strangers hold hands. SUPER FUNNY - MUST SEE!
Using Movie Title, Describe Your Ex
Greg is out on vacation this morning, but he  is still with us in spirit. Today's post is  inspired by a Greg Delange Facebook status. Earlier he posed the question, "If you could describe your ex with a movie title, what would it be?"
Why Shy Guys are Sexy
Mystery and intrigue surround the shy quiet guy in a room. Timidity has a disarming effect on women. A shy guy doesn't try to smooth talk or throw out cheesy pick up lines, which is refreshing to most women. Women also love the challenge in getting to know a shy guy...

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