See What Made Toby Keith Cry On Stage [VIDEO]
Toby Kieth doesn't cry. He's a big dude. But last week he broke down on stage. What caused it? This inspirational 93 year old veteran that fought four wars and loves America. You can skip through to about 10:30, but trust me. It's awesome.
Keep The KORD Plugged in This Week to WIN BIG!
This week we at KORD are hooking it up for prizes! So keep listening for your chance to win..
Dwight Yoakam tickets! Starting tomorrow listen for your cue to call to win 2 reserved tickets. We've got a fun way to give the tickets away, and it goes like this; Thursday the 20th, win 5th row back s…
Find Out What Tim McGraw Is Doing To Help Veterans
Tim McGraw's support for our veterans is awesome! But this time, he's really outdone himself because he is giving away 36 homes to veterans!
McGraw is working hand in hand with the Homefront Organization, which works with veterans and their families after returning from war...

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