Kennewick Guy Looking for a Temp Daddy!
When my son told me about Micah Luebbens shenanigans I just had to stop and giggle. Check this out!
An ad was placed in Spokanes craigslist and YES! Micah was part of it, along with a few of other 20 somethings that call themselves "The Boys"...
Washington’s Missing Children: Have You Seen Daisy Vargas?
Daisy went missing out of Yakima last August.  She is 17 years old now. Somebody knows where she is or what happened. Can you help? Click HERE to view the details from Washington State Patrol, and save the WSP Missing Persons Hotline: 1-800-543-5678...
Don’t Let Your Baby Sleep In Your Bed
Child death reviews of nearby counties revealed startling facts about babies sleeping in their parents' bed.
Out of all the babies who have died in their sleep in the past 3 years, only one of them wasn't in bed with their parents. All the rest suffocated in their sleep, which is actually t…

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