Vince Gill Joins The Eagles!!
With the passing of Glenn Frey, the remaining members of The Eagles have called on Glenn's son and country superstar Vince Gill according to the LA Times.
And just how will Vince fit in with those classic Eagles hits? Why just perfect...check this out...
Facebook Just Added a New “Thankful” Emoji
You probably won't be using that emoji on this particular Blake Shelton Facebook pic! Notice the new purple flower "Thankful" emoji when you go to click like. I saw it for the first time on a friend's post about Blake Shelton flipping off Adam Levine during a break on The…
BREAKING: Marshawn Lynch Officially an Oakland Raider
Well, it happened.
What had to happen, did, and now as early as when you read this, Marshawn Lynch, pending a physical, will be announced as an Oakland Raider, signing a one-year deal worth potentially 8 million dollars.
It was first reported by NFL Network...

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