Watch Billy Bob Actually Transform Into Slingblade
I'll never forget when this movie was new. I hadn't seen it yet but my friend did and he was like, "YOU WILL NEVER EVEN BELIEVE THAT IT'S BILLY BOB THORNTON!" Truly genius...
And my favorite Billy Bob scene from Tombstone...."For a man that don't go heels you run your mouth kinda reckl…
Bruce Springsteen Appearing at Powell’s Books in Portland
Rock legend Bruce Springsteen is not known for his books, but yeah, he's an author! Over the past several years he's been writing an autobiography titled Born to Run. He's celebrating the book's release on a book tour hitting several cities and will be making a special appearance…
Jana Kramer Stuns in ‘Circles’ Video
Jana Kramer delivers a powerful performance in her "Circles" video. Shot entirely in black and white, the singer looks happier than ever as she sings the song about a man who has her head spinning in a good way.
Country Stars With September Birthdays
While September is known as the month of backpacks, sharpened pencils, early alarm clocks and kids across the United States returning to school, it's also a month in which many, many country stars celebrate with cake -- because it's their birth month!

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