Can You Spot the Tri-Cities Radio Dj in This Rap Video?
To say I have a hobby or a passionate obsession with the Seahawks might be an understatement. Most people that listen to me on the radio as Aj have no idea that for the last 3 years I have been dressing up as a bigfoot superfan for Seahawks games called the Seasquatch...
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gisele and Some Guy She Married
I'm really excited to see Gisele on TV this Sunday at some sporting event I'm not really sure about. Apparently she'll be there supporting some guy she married who makes about a third as much as her and is about half the woman she is. Here are a couple things you maybe didn't know about Gisele:
Watch ‘Super Bowl 51′ Ads EARLY!
Some time ago, advertisers started leaking their Super Bowl ads online to maximize buzz and maybe, in some way, justify the steep cost of something that sometimes only runs once. Since we're still a week away from the big game, check out some of the ads released so far:
We'll start with the…

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