Why Some Tri-City Drivers Are So STUPID Right Now!
According to Pasco police deptartment:
IT TOOK US A MINUTE but we figured out that we had people in little cars racing all over the city tonight because the most recent "Fast and Furious" movie just came out. It happens every time. The displays of power from moms' 1...
Walla Walla-Bound Truck Crashes in IRONIC Spot
This happened Wednesday April 19th around 4pm...I'm not sure what exactly happened on Highway 12. Check out the road sign next to the wreck: Remember kids "don't drink and drive" (no idea if drinking was a factor in the cars. Hopefully the driver is OK...
Fallen Airman Gets Incredible Community Escort Home
This Easter weekend and every weekend please keep in your thoughts and prayers the fighting men and women of the United States military. All branches of service ... past and present.
God Bless America. God Bless the Patriot Guard Riders.
This amazing group of individuals, dozens of them, came from as …
Gas Prices Expected To Rise In Tri-Cities
Gas prices in the Tri-Cities are expected to rise and have already risen a couple of cents compared to a week ago.
But the rest of Washington is seeing a drop in gas price, which is a rare trend because gas prices usually rise around the spring time
Oregon Residents May Be Able to Drive This Bad Boy!
The suits in the State capital are reviewing a proposal that could let the average oregonians drive around a Humvee!! not the H1 or H2 butt the real McCoy.
At this point the are only used in special events.
you may have to tweak some features such as horns, airbag's or even doors and windows the …
What A Credit Card Skimmer LOOKS Like
I've read stories aplenty about people being ripped off at the gas station by conniving thieves who use sophisticated, yet normal looking skimmers to swipe your credit card information and subsequently jack your life to you-gotta-be-kidding-me levels in no time flat...
Yuge Monster Truck Weekend @ TRAC In Pasco!
Monster Trucks.
No Limits. No Engine Rules. No Weight Rules.
Nothing to hold them back!
Three monster shows are happening this Friday, March 10th (7:30p.m.) and Saturday March 11th (2:00p.m. and 7:30p.m.) at TRAC in Pasco
See the ACTION here...

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