Ease Range Anxiety With New Washington Charging Stations
Range Anxiety.
It's what electric vehicle drivers in Central and Eastern Washington have been feeling as they whiz through the wonders east of the Cascades.
It's not unlike watching your own fuel gauge riding "E" or wondering if the smart phone has enough charge to complete…
Oregon Peeps! Get Ready!!
Here is a complete rundown of the new law starting October 1st
1. The purpose of the law
Focus on driving and put away the distractions.
2. Important dates
• October 1, 2017: is when the law goes into effect.
• January 1, 2018: is when the court has the option to waive the fine for first-time o…
WSP Warning Motorcyclists to Not Split Lanes – It’s Illegal
The Washington State Patrol wants it known that under any circumstances, it is illegal to pass between two cars currently occupying a lane.
Lane splitting is against the law.
Specifically, no person shall operate a motorcycle between lanes of traffic or between adjacent lines or rows of vehicles; nor …
All Time High for Children Suffering Until Death in Hot Cars
This makes me sad and angry, because it is so bloody preventable, yet it keeps happening. Now, this year, an all-time high number of children have died suffering until they pass in a hot car. It is inexcusable and so avoidable.
Twenty-nine children have died of heatstroke after being left in a vehicl…
Wrong Way Driver Plays Chicken With Pasco Police [VIDEO]
Sometimes, when Pasco police are on patrol, a wrong way driver will approach to play a game of "chicken".
This is taken from an officer coming face-to-face with a wrong way driver in his lane as he turned onto Sylvester from 5th at about 1:30 in the morning...
Help Pasco Police Catch This 100mph+ Speeding Criminal
Geovanny Blanco, age 21 from Pasco, REALLY didn't want to go to jail, so when the Pasco police attempted to pull him over at 14th and Lewis for a Benton County arrest warrant, he took off in his Honda running red lights, going over 100mph, recklessly weaving through traffic and zipping over the…

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