Electric Rates May Go Up (Hopefully It Helps the Salmon)
Because of a lawsuit, the dams along the Snake River are required to let more water through. The plaintiffs say it helps the salmon endangered by the dams. And apparently the health of the Puget Sound killer whales is also tied to the number of Snake River salmon...
20-Pound Iguana Saved From Burning House in Pendleton
Firefighters say it was likely a neglected cigarette that caused the home fire earlier this month. No one was injured, but that's party thanks to the hard work of the Pendleton Fire crew who got all people and pets out -- including a 20-lbs...
Benton City Won’t Let Cancer Patient Keep His Mini-Horse
A Benton City man dying of cancer (about a year left to live) was told he can't have a miniature horse as a "service" animal because horses aren't allowed in back yards. The horse gives him an excuse to take long walks (doctor's orders) and holding onto the horse hel…
Spring Break Idea: Visit Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo
I haven't been to Woodland Zoo in decades but they're really good at showing their cute animals on social media! Check out this one of a bear playing in the snow and trying to make snow angels. This is a great addition to any Puget Sound spring break vacation...
Multiple Cougar Sightings Near Badger Mountain
A cougar, also known as a mountain lion, has been spotted multiple times this week around the Badger Mountain area. Officials are warning hikers or anyone that lives in the area that the cougar could be more dangerous because of the snow making food scarce...
Oregon Says: Please Let the Deer Starve (No Really)
Fish & Wildlife officials in northeast Oregon are concerned about citizens dropping off animal feed for deer and elk.
Yes, many animals are facing starvation after this harsh winter, but feeding them in January isn't the solution.
Here are 3 surprisingly logical reasons to let the animals starve:
Pendleton Home Fire Kills Three Dogs
In Pendleton, a fire was started near a water heater and furnace at 8:45 Tuesday morning.
Luckily no one was home at the time, except five dogs.
Two managed to escape. Unfortunately the other three didn't.
If interested read more.
Ducks in the Mid Columbia Dying in Droves, Here’s Why
Duck hunters in the Mid-Columbia and Tri-Cities area have been seeing hundreds of dead ducks (not killed by hunting) but just dead in their natural habitat.Experts with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services have determined a massive die-off of ducks, and other birds, is being caused by the Avian Chole…

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