1950’s Idaho Beaver Relocation Parachute! [VIDEO]
Newly discovered video from a 1950's animal relocation program shows beavers being thrown out of planes near streams or ponds in the Idaho wilderness! PETA didn't get started until 1980, so they had that going for 'em! This old school film is fun to watch...
Pet Porcupine is Elated for Pumpkin Dinner! [VIDEO]
Okay I'm not really sure how you de-quill a porcupine, but after this video I'm pretty sure I want one! I had no clue what so ever that a porcupine could be so 'vocal.' Listen to this little guy! He's almost talking!!!!
5 Halloween Treats to Keep Away From Your Dog!
Sure you've heard dogs aren't supposed to eat candy. Maybe you've even heard they're LETHAL! What is truth and what's fiction? How come you've given your dog candy before and it's not hurt? Read below for answers!

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