Buckle Up For Safety! Even Your Pets!
I don't always let my dog ride up front in the car with me. But, when I do, I make sure she is buckled up as well.
Often times people don't realize that it's just as easy for a pet to go flying through the front windshield from a sudden stop as it is for you yourself...
A Surprise Kikaju For Christmas!! Wowza! [VIDEO]
First of all...Can you believe the Christmas presents GALORE these people have? Wowza! but to top it off, they are pretty extravagant with the cute pets in the house! This gal gets an adorable Kikaju! Have you ever seen one of these? I never had! Looks like a fun family!
Cute Playful Pig Loves the Autumn Leaves! [VIDEO]
Who knew Pigs were this darn cute??? Not me! And I thought I was a critter lover! Check out this Video of a super cute pig who plays in the Autumn leaves for the first time! And then if you keep watching or go to the button below there are more cute pig videos...

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