Why You Should Never Kiss a Snake! [VIDEO]
I was going to call this "101 Reasons Not to Kiss a Snake," but do you need more than one? My daughter has a cool little corn snake that she's had for over 15 years. Does she kiss it sometimes? Yes. But the difference between a corn snake and a python is HUGE...
Pet Owner’s New Years Resolution Guide
In need of a New Years Resolution and want to improve the quality of your pet's life at the same time?  Pet Over Population Prevention has some ideas for you!
Make sure your pet has identification tags, in case of an accident.
Take up new hobbies like hiking, visiting the park, or swimm…
Basset Hounds Nora Ann and Wayne Get Married [VIDEO]
Being a former basset hound owner, I can tell you that they are among the sweetest dogs ever! It's nice to see that Wayne has finally made an honest woman out of Nora Ann, since the rumor around the shelter is that they've already been intimate...

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