Man Punished For Saving Ducks in Kennewick! [VIDEO]
This story is disturbing in so many ways!
'Man Walking With Ducks Causes a Crash'
I myself have taken risks when trying to save a wounded animal on a busy roadway. I once crawled on my hands and knees along the side of the freeway trying to rescue a kitten someone threw out of their car...
New Drug Can Dope Dogs During Fireworks, Thunderstorms!
Each year I dread 4th of July, thunder storm activity or even a big win of a sports team, because my neighbors like to celebrate with explosive devices (Fireworks) that go on for hours all through the night.
My dog literally goes into complete 'Meltdown Mode" she hyper ventilates, shake…
Mini Donkey Tries to Lead Big Friesian Horse! [VIDEO]
I feel so bad when I go to take my horse out and I don't bring my mini along; she feels so left out! She tries to pick up his lead rope in her mouth and lead him. By the time I got the camera out to video, she and he were over it! But, they had put on a pretty good show earlier! LOL
How to Teach Your Horse to Load in a Trailer [VIDEO]
Even the best-trained horses have days where they don't respond the way you'd hope for whatever reason. I've had horses all my life (well since I was 8). And since I've never made very much money, I could never afford horse trainers. So, I had to learn what works by my own trial …
Hey Tri-Cities Is This Animal Cruelty?
I was driving home from my Mother's Day brunch yesterday (south bound HWY 395) when I spotted a poor dog chained up in the back of a pick up on top of some sort of box clearly higher up than the side of the truck.

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