How to ‘Lateral Lunge’ Your Horse [VIDEO]
Just horsin' around and sharing info I think could be helpful! If you're a 'horse person' you may enjoy it, and if your not...Well, at least you can see my sweet boy Galeron!
And, trust me, this is the way I do it! (Doesn't necessarily mean it's the RIGHT way...
Jenny’s Hope Super Pet Adoption April 30th
My dog (Photo by KC Peterson Photography) and I attended the Jenny's Hope Super Pet Adoption Day a couple years ago just to help support the event! It's a wonderful way for people to see all kinds of pets available and ready to be adopted into a 'Forever Home"
Loki the Siberian Husky Still Missing From Mabton
Ive been noticing several posts from these poor people for weeks. please help them locate their lost friend.
Facebook Post from Owners:
Loki the Siberian Husky went missing off of glade rd in Mabton, WA late afternoon-evening 3/9/16. $1000 REWARD, NO QUESTIONS ASKED...

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