I spent a much needed time away this past weekend at Conrad Meadows. I think I must be the last soul alive to finally go. I had heard about how great it was for so long.

We took the horses and on Saturday we rode up to Surprise Lake. It was a gorgeous ride! When we left camp to head for Surprise Lake, it was warm and dry. Within minutes, it started to rain.

By the time we made it to the lake, we were soaked through to our underwear! So, needless to say, we had a COLD ride home! And even got off the horses to jog with them just to warm up!

There were a lot of people from the Tri-Cites there as well as a lot of campers from Yakima.

Most everyone was repeat campers and had been coming to that same camp for years. They told us how the Herkey Family owns the land and allows riders to use the land to ride and camp. I think that is so awesome!

I know all of us campers were concerned and conscientious about leaving the campsite as pristine as when we arrived.

I understand there are numerous trails to ride. I'm only sorry I couldn't stay longer.
Surprise Lake was so beautiful and blue! The water was crystal clear!

Free roaming cows could be seen grazing all around and occasionally could be seen wandering through your campsite.

We high lined our horses and that seemed to be what most people did.

I was glad I brought blankets for the horses too, as it really got cold overnight.

There were lots of people in motor homes, and living quarter horse trailers. But, some people were actually camping in tents. I was glad we brought our motor home, because a hot shower was just what I needed after a long, wet, cold ride down from the mountain!

If you have never gone to Conrad Meadows, You may want to plan to get there next summer! I thought it was spectacular and I think you will too!

Here are two video's for you to watch:

My boyfriend just sent me this video that he took so I'm adding it!