If you want to shoot stuff, and put a Bigfoot in your hunting room, move to Texas.

It appears some guy from Oregon emailed the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department about hunting unknown creatures. Lt. David Sinclair responded, saying it depends on how the government would label the animal, not if it exists or not.

John Lloyd Scharf, the Bigfoot fan from Oregon, says the way the hunting laws are in Texas, it would be legal to shoot a Bigfoot.

Lloyd said the law comes down to provenance: if Bigfoot is indigenous to Texas, you can put a cap in it.

Brian Brown of the Texas Research Conservancy claims Texas has had hundreds of sightings going decades back, and proving it's indigenous would not be a problem.

Hear that? That's the sound of rednecks building a Bigfoot blind, and loading up every gun in the trailer.

When you 'search' for a Bigfoot, you use cameras and infra red gadgets, and make grunting sounds (I watch Discovery). To hunt a Bigfoot, you must do what no man has ever done: actually call one in and first see it, but then shoot it.

I'm no Bigfoot hunting expert, but I would use Links Beef Jerky.

Scharf is worried  that a "kill first, ID after" policy could lead to premature extinction of Bigfoot.

Wait, what? No one has proof of this thing, much less shot one, and this guy is talking extinction.

But in true Texas style, Brown says you got to kill one to prove it's existence. Be careful Texas hunters, your state will find a way to charge you for a Bigfoot hunting license. And don't shoot one out of season, unless it's eating your cattle or sheep of course.

Can you shoot a Bigfoot in city limits? Do you believe in Bigfoot? Have you ever been camping and heard something you couldn't explain? Have you ever been in a Turkish prison camp?