The information you are about to read is true, it may not be suitable for parents who have a handle on their kids, or any sort of common sense. Parents in an upscale, hotty totty neighborhood in Brooklyn N.Y., want to stop ice cream vendors from visiting local parks and playgrounds because they can't control their kids from throwing fits when they tell them they can't have frozen treat. Take your time, let that sink in. That's right, rich people can't deal with their screaming, crying, spoiled, kicking, cranky little kids when they are told no. Cry me a ^&#@*!^$%#@* river! One mother actually said," I should not have to fight with my children every warm day on the playground just so someone can make a living", REALLY! This women should have her kids taken away, and she should be neutered. Hey lady, at least these guys aren't sitting around collecting unemployment checks, or sitting home watching 'Desperate Housewives' all day. Dear Pres Obama, could you stop making stupid decisions when it comes to health care, because every time you do this, people scream, cry, and basically throw a fit. Ya think this will work you uppity moron parents. These are the same parents who blame overweight kids  on fast food joints, but continue to buy them video games and lap top computers. Wow, if you can't handle your little angel because of an ice cream truck, your home must be a living hell at Christmas and birthday's. We should take this neighborhood, Park Slope, and bulldoze it flat and build strip malls full of ice cream shops so the vendors don't have to walk around. Them move all the families into double wides, located in the middle of Nebraska, then they won't have to worry their pretty little pointed heads about a kid having a tantrum over ice cream. Problem solved.

Do you think we have a neighborhood like that here in the Tri-Cities? If so, where?


NBC,N.Y., Katy Tur