A little retirement community in Boulder, Colorado has gained approval by the city for a hotel-restaurant liquor license. This will allow the center to sell the residents a nice glass of red wine or a harvey wallbanger if they prefer.

I think this is a great idea; it lets our elderly keep a few things they may have had taken away from them. I know with my mom who had Huntington's Disease, it was the things she could no longer do that hurt her the most. When my sister and I had to tell her she could no longer drive, she cried for twenty minutes. When we told her she had to move out of her house and into assisted living, I cried for twenty minutes.

I think anything that makes our senior citizens more comfortable no matter where they live is a positive. One of the fondest memories of my grandmother is having coffee in the morning. She would pull out her fifth of whiskey from her apron and give our morning  joe a little nudge. Residents of the community say telling a story over a glass of wine or toasting champagne at Sunday brunch are traditions. I say, let's have a happy hour at the local senior center on bingo day, and let me call the numbers.