Driving in the fog can be dangerous. The Blue Bridge is no place for a high-speed accident. When crossing the iconic landmark, go slow, drive defensively and be as safe as possible. Here are some tips:

  • Do not go faster than you can see.
  • Give cars ahead of you more lead time.
  • Turn on all your lights.
  • Do not use high beams.
  • Keep your windshield as clear as possible.
  • Do not pass other vehicles or change lanes unless absolutely necessary.
  • Signal early.
  • Slow your vehicle gradually, do not stop quickly.
  • If you experience car trouble, turn on your hazard lights immediately.

Do not be cautious about registering for the 2011 Cable Bridge Run, also known as the Polar Bear Run. Early registration ends Dec. 12. The race, started by Santa from the top of a Lampson crane, is Dec. 17. Follow this link to learn more or find the registration page.