The debate will never end when it comes to what's worse when driving: being high or drunk. A recent study came up with some interesting results when they compared the two illegal activities. In the states where medical marijuana is legal, there was a drop of 9 percent in traffic deaths, and oddly enough, a drop of 5 percent in beer sales.

The study said alcohol and pot affect drivers differently.

Drunks are more aggressive drivers and take more chances; stoners take fewer risks. DUH!

If you want to spot a stoned driver, he's the guy driving 10 miles under the speed limit on his way to a 7-Eleven or a pizza joint.

Drunks have empty beer cans in their back seats; pot heads have candy wrappers and empty doughnut boxes.

Experts say, "Don't get to excited about the study just yet, as pot smoking is usually a stay-at-home activity and drinking is more of a social affair."

I say, score one for pot smokers. They get all loaded at home, order pizza and play video games. They don't drive because they can't find their car keys.

Now a drunk will hot wire his mom's car to get to the bar and hang with his bros and not think twice about driving home.

Here's the good news/bad news: in states where medical marijuana is legal fewer people drink alcohol, but the amount people who smoke pot increases. It's a sticky wicket, people.

One more thing about it: if you have to borrow a car, ask your friend who smokes pot. Chances are, he ain't using it. That's if you can find the keys, of course.