As I sat down this morning I noticed a CD on my desk dropped off by an anonymous person. I put the CD in my computer drive and started giggling... Oh, the memories!

  • 12

    The Line

    The line for registration was calm and organized; then my peeps showed up!

    Greg delange
  • 11

    Hey! Let's Take A Picture

    Once I announced pictures Lori threw her leg up and the photo shoot started. Click, click, click.

    greg delange
  • 10

    They Seem So Sweet And Innocent

    Big smiles; looking picture perfect!

    greg delange
  • 9

    No Really... It's For A Good Cause!

    Poor Brett was extremely disappointed she only got a stupid radio station T-shirt

    greg delange
  • 8

    We Work Out!

    See my guns, see my guns, see my guns!

    Greg delange
  • 7

    The Costumes

    Fuzzy hats, tutus, sparkly accessories -- the greatest costumes everrr!

    Greg delange
  • 6

    Everyone Behave!

    We need a good picture. DON'T DO ANYTHING NAUGHTY!

    greg Delange
  • 5

    Hey Now Ladies - Leave That Young Man Alone

    Don't do it. Don't do it. Don't do it!

    Greg delange
  • 4


    They started groping and grinding... nothing was sacred!

    Greg delange
  • 3

    Hurry! Throw Them In The Water

    Get the youngsters in the water before someone gets pregnant!

    Greg Delange
  • 2


    I'm cold... I'm cold... I'm cold!

    Greg delange
  • 1

    Oh Sure! Throw The Hotties In A Hot Tub

    Nuff said. I'm jumping back in the water!

    Greg delange