This is one of those life experiences that families all over the country are going thru with their kids, husbands, wives being deployed by the US Armed Forces to serve our country. My Daughter Brianna is in Afghanistan. She landed there a couple of weeks ago. She is adjusting well, making friends, trying the local food and meeting the locals.

We have care packages in route and when we know more about her needs we will get together a a bunch of personal items and send out a bunch of car packages to the soldiers serving over in Afghanistan.

The news that came to us that is a little hard to swallow was that our grandkids which have been staying with dad at Ft Lewis. Well as they say everything is subject to change. Her husband Will has been given orders to transfer to Ft Bliss Tx and then deploy to another region of Afghanistan. The US Army has already packed their house and moved it. The grandkids are coming to Tri-Cities to stay with grandma but here is where we need the help.

Will & Brianna need to find a foster home for Mele the family dog. We need somebody that can take care of her for about a year. Mele is a spayed female golden retreiver/chow mix. She is five years old and weights about 40lbs. Good family dog and loves the kids.

We can get help with food but now we need to help Mele find a temporary home until Will & Brianna come back from serving our country. probably going to be up to a year.

If you or anybody you know can help get ahold of Bear here at KORD.