Ok....you go out somewhere pretty nice for dinner and drop some of your hard earned m0ney...you use the bathroom and the bathroom looks like a bomb hit it! Let alone try to find a paper towel (you probably find a hand blower instead)

The survey by the Bradley Corporation, a leading manufacturer of bathroom sinks, faucets, hand dryers, reveals that people wash their hands 90% of the time after using a public restroom. That's up from 87% in 2009. Other findings:

59% of people wash their hands more frequently, more thoroughly or longer because they are scared of catching the flu. That's up 9% from last year

13% of people always wash their hands for a specific amount of time

26% of people use a towel, sleeve or other material to open a restroom door after washing their hands

11% of people admit they are a germaphobe

Stall door handles, restroom entrance doors and faucet handles are the top three surfaces respondents dislike touching the most while in a public restroom

91% of people say an unclean restroom gives them a negative perception of a business