Pizza Hut which has been selling this type of pizza in Thailand and Japan for a while now, has just introduced it in England. You would think the new stuffed crust pizza in the U.K. would involve kippers, crumpets or fish and chips. Would you believe the next big thing is a pizza is stuffing the crust with hot dogs and drizzled with mustard. " Hey,check out my pizza, It plumps when I cook it". Who would have thunk the English would enjoy such a pizza, of course this from a Country who drinks thick beer at room temperature. I have had many different things on a pizza over the years, some were pretty disgusting, but being young and bulletproof makes you do dumb things. I must say the best pizza I have ever had was in Brooklyn New York. In the city, you don't order a pizza, you order a pie, or a slice of pie. Your pie has either cheese, or pepperoni and cheese, no pineapple, onions, Canadian bacon or chicken. You see the flavor is in the crust and the sauce, a pizza chef might shoot ya dead if you ordered a pie with vegetables in New York. Pizza Hut at this time has no date set to bring the new creation to the U.S., but really, can it be far off. I'm not sure a hot dog belongs in a pizza, but check out these outrageous pizza's.


What's the weirdest thing you've had on a pizza?