Well, I don't know about you, but as soon as Friday afternoon hit of last week. I threw every ounce of my good healthy food habits out the window for the entire Memorial Day weekend! I ate Potato Chips, drank Cosmopolitans, drove through the McDonalds Drive through as well as Wendy's and ate Cheese burgers and Frosties! And I enjoyed every minute of it! I ate Chocolate covered pomegranted seeds and fancy cheese on crackers and wine...and the list goes on.

All of a sudden, It went through my mind "What was I thinkin?" And I'm not sure quite what I was thinkin! I think it was something like "I don't care" right now. So..there it is! That is just how I felt over the weekend, and just what I felt like doing. So there ya have it! I was a glutenous pig for the weekend! And get this: I DIDN'T EVEN EXERCISE!  At all! I mean I rode my horse and I also sang in my band so I moved a lot, but no actual focused exercise! So, I guess I will have to get back at it! So, If you feel guilty over how you ate for the holiday weekend, just think of me and you won't feel so bad! :)