recently polled over 200-thousand dog and cat owners to find out the differences between them.  Why?  Well, I'm sure you've heard the phrase - "they fight like cats and dogs".

My oldest boy is allergic to all animals, so we don't have dogs or cats around our house.  What does that make me?  A "no animal people"?   Check out some of the results below, take the poll and then listen to Billy Currington's -  "Like My Dog" and see a cat doing dog tricks!

Dog people:
15% more likely to be extroverts
36% more likely to use a pop song as a ringtone
11% more likely to say they’d support cloning, but only for animals or pets
9% more likely to think of zoos as happy place 

Cat people:

11% more likely to be introverts
14% more likely to cling to friends at a party
17% more likely to have completed a graduate degree
10% more likely to send messages on Twitter


Take the poll and then watch the videos below!