Tomorrow, January 15 1967, was the date of the First Ever BIG GAME (we can't say 's-bowl!).   Now, this weekend we are barely into the divisional rounds of the NFL playoffs.   Which of the following sports seasons do YOU think is TOO Long?

NFL (counting preseason) Last week of July thru first week of Feb (championship) 7 months

NBA (counting preseason) Early October thru June (NBA Finals) 8 months

Major League Baseball (preseason included) March thru first week of November. almost 9 months

NHL (counting preseason)  Early October thru May-almost 8 months

NASCAR-Daytona 500 mid Feb. thru Nov. 21st ish (final race at Miami Homestead Speedway) 9 months

Drop us a comment and let us know what YOU think!