Prosecutor Andy Miller completed the six mile swim from Richland to Kennewick Thursday to raise money for My Friends Place.  A soon-to-be homeless shelter for teens.  

A boat followed Andy as he swam from the Howard Amon Park, to the Edison Street area of Columbia Park.

It was estimated the swim would take two hours. Andy actually swam in the opposite direction for about 10 minutes so he would arrive at the specified 5pm time.  He said he didn’t want to show up early.

A dozen or so people were there to greet Miller as he climbed out of the water.

Andy had trained to do a 10 mile swim scheduled for Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  But he had to cancel for Gall Bladder surgery.

Obviously the training prepared him well.  The 6 miles swim appeared to be a breeze for him!

Funds are still needed for the shelter, where teens will be able to stay the night but will have to leave during the day.

For information about donating you can find them on Facebook.