This is a story that has been going viral for a little bit now. Four deer were swimming in Taku Inlet in frigid waters off the coast of Juneau Alaska.

The captain for the Alaskan Quest a 62 foot charter fishing vessel has plied the waters off the coast of Alaska for many years and on that day in October 2010 he was in 3 foot waves with the wind blowing. Tom Satre had seen lots of deer swimming in the water going from island to island but that dayhis sister who was on board the boat spotted deer ears in the water and when the deer spotted his boat the deer started swimming right towards them in distress.

This is an amazing story of what an animal will do when it needs to survive. Read the entire story from the Juneau Empire newspaper

To find out more about the Alaskan Quest and her crew CLICK HERE

It just touched my heart and I hope you will share this story.