Well this deserves discussion on many levels! And, I will tell you why! but, stay with me here...it may take a minute to get into the WHY'S!

So, here's the deal, Portland's, World Naked Bike Ride gets lots of attention, as does the Naked bike ride in Seattle!

Well, now there is a Naked Goddess Swim in Portland as well!

So it brings me to THIS!

I grew up swimming naked in a place that was open to the public that we locals called The 'Nudey Hole' it was an area along the San Lorenzo Valley of Felton CA.

There was also another place called 'The Rock'.  And many more I just can't remember the names of. This was in the 70's and It's just what everyone did back then!  It was the tail end of the 'Hippie era' and in the mountains of Santa Cruz, it was just 'the norm' to swim like that.

I also swam at a cement and mortar pool called 'The Zayante Club' and yes, completely naked! Everyone was!  It was the common thing to do, and there was many people of all ages and genders. This was 'normal' to me!

When I moved to Tri-Cities, ( I know this may horrify some of you! ) But, I swam naked in the Columbia River every summer! It was usually way out in Burbank, and I did that consistently  for about 8 years straight! I never thought anything was wrong with it! No one ever saw me unless I brought them with me! So, what could be the harm right? I mean seriously....If a tree falls in the woods and no one sees or hears it...does it even matter?

But, I did have someone who I was close to and who I knew well and cared about very much, and when I told him I did this all the time, he was HORRIFIED and let me know it! He shamed me profusely! And, it really hurt my feelings.  This apparently meant to him that I was a horrible and unmoral human being! And, I didn't feel it had anything at all to do with morality, It was just a  preference for swimming. I wasn't doing it in PUBLIC for heaven's sake!

So, when I read this post and saw that so many people are doing this publicly, even!, I'm wondering how it could seem that when I did it (with no one around I might add), it could be considered so awful! I stopped swimming like that when that happened, and haven't done it since.

I have no desire to participate in the Naked bike ride or the Naked goddess swim, but I certainly don't mind if you, or anyone else does! Even though I don't really 'Get it' about parading down the street naked and painted, I can empathize that for some, it must mean something! And, that is good enough for me!

Even if it's just that it makes them feel free and grateful that they live in a country where they can do things like that! Who knows why people do this stuff! But, I'm all good with whatever, as long as it's not hurting someone in the process or forcing their belief on someone else!

But, it is interesting to ponder. And, now I am second guessing myself for allowing another person to make me feel so ashamed! And, like I was doing something terribly wrong!  It's strange how our early years really do have an impact on how we see the world! I think it's a good thing to keep in mind that we ALL see it very differently and from our own unique perspective. Respecting that about another person is important I believe.

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts. You are more than welcome to share yours as well. And if you want to read more on the story I was referencing here is the link.


Happy Swimming!