A White Castle burger joint in Indiana is now serving alcohol with it's sliders, whoa big fella! After reading the story, I found out Burger King's in New York and Miami have been serving beer with their burgers for a while now. Look, I'm not opposed to a cheese burger and some suds, but not while kids are running around spilling fries and screaming about their toys from the happy box.

As time goes by, we will soon be going to a fast food joint for happy hour and free fish sandwiches. How about a White Castle with a two drink minimum while the comedian performs? I may just be a stick in the mud, but there is a time and place for fast food and booze, just not together, but it did get me thinking about worse places you could serve alcohol during business hours.

#3) The Bank. Yes I am here to figure out my check-book, but after the 4 spider bites and 5 beers, not only an I un-able to see the numbers on the paper, I just tried to answer my wallet. Every Friday, banks could have free appetizers for anyone with at least 1000 dollars in savings, and two dollar PBR's. A drunk and his, or her money, always part ways. Let's leave banking and drinking separate, the lines are long enough, and I don'd need to talk to some drunk who's girlfriend left him for a drummer in some band while waiting for my turn at the window.

#2) The Post Office. Some people get angry when they have to wait in line for long periods of time, adding booze to the situation never works. Sucking down a double rum and coke and then trying to explain you want a package to go to your aunt in Decator, but can't decide on the flowers of the world stamps, or the history of flight stamps. You are now holding up the line, and the women behind you who's nursing her 4th 16 ounce Keystone Ice is in no mood to wait, bingo starts in 20 minutes. Yep, here's where the fun starts.

#1)  The DMV. Though I an torn between drinking or not drinking at the DMV, I feel for the overall safety of mankind, a no host bar would be very bad. My biggest concern about serving alcohol at the DMV, is the time spent there. A simple license renewel could take 5 hours, that's allot of drinking.  They would have to offer some sort of food to help soak up all that booze. On the up side, if you are number 231, there is a good chance anyone with number 100 or above could be passed out, you move right up the line. You could go to the DMV, take a drivers test and get a DUI in the same day. Let's be honest, drinking and driving is a very bad thing, the only good thing about getting gassed at the DMV, there's a good chance you won't be able to find your car. Last thought on this subject, getting buzzed at the DMV would explain the horrible picture on your license. Where is the last public place you would serve alcohol?