As we return from a three day week end, I feel there are allot of thing that need my attention. For instance, Casey Anthony is found not guilty of murder of her daughter. I, or many of us don't really know what happened, but there is such a thing as karma,  and final judgement. So if you are lying Casey, good luck with all of that.

* According to a new book called," The Truth About Why Women Lie" suggests women are better liars than men. The book says women lie about everything from infidelity to the accomplishments of their children. The book says women will lie about having  a face lift. Maybe it's just me, but isn't that something women do , in their opinion, that is suppose to make them look better. So if someone notices your new look, you are suppose to lie about it. I can not tell a lie, I don't get women.

*Here is trouble brewing. A recent survey says 1 in 6 American workers show up to the job under the influence of alcohol. This includes people who party into the wee hours of the morning and show up to work with little or no sleep. The study also includes people who drink at lunch,  and the hard core folks who hide booze at work. All in all, about 20 million workers have been impaired on the job, so says the estimate. Where have you been lately, where you suspect the person you are talking too is a little tipsy?

* Hats off to all of those involved with the areas fireworks shows, nicely done. Big thanks to Benton City for their most wonderful show. We sit on our deck and watch the big show, and this year I would put it up against all other shows. 45 minutes of WOW!!!