According to the Tri-city Herald :

Residents in Franklin County -- including Pasco -- and those in Kennewick and Prosser are banned from having fireworks of any kind.

Richland, Benton City and unincorporated Benton County residents, however, can use what officials consider "safe and sane" fireworks.

Essentially, that means fireworks that stay on the ground -- fountains, wheels, illuminating torches and sparklers are allowed.

Anything that shoots into the sky is not. Bottle rockets, missiles and firecrackers are legal only on tribal lands.

M-80s and homemade or altered fireworks such as tennis ball bombs are illegal everywhere in the state.

West Richland has the most liberal fireworks policy in the Tri-Cities -- allowing everything the state allows.

People also are not allowed to go to city parks or school property to shoot fireworks; they need to be on their own property. And firework debris needs to be cleaned up properly.

Public shows in the Tri-Cities include Benton City's Fourth of July Celebrations at the Lions Club, Kennewick's River of Fire Festival Display at Columbia Park, Pasco's Grand Ole Fourth Celebration at Gesa Stadium and Prosser's Old Fashioned Fourth of July at Prosser City Park.