33 years ago I was laying in a hospital bed at Swedish Hospital, waiting for my bone marrow to arrive courtesy of my sister Deena. In February of 1979 I was diagnosed with leukemia in Davenport Washington, thanks to my Uncle Bob who insisted I go to the hospital just to get checked out, he saved my life for the first time that year. My cancer was so far along, after being diagnosed on a Sunday, I was in Seattle at the University of Washington Hospital Monday afternoon receiving my first dosed of Chemo. Near April 13 th i was in remission and was able to go home, but it was short lived. 15 days later I was back with the Fred Hutchenson Cancer Research Center preparing for step number two, bone marrow transplant. My oldest sister Deena was a close match, and was willing to donate her marrow. So after two days of massive chemotherapy, followed by six days of full body radiation, I lay in my bed like a wet noodle and waited for the life saving juice to arrive. The second time that year my life was saved. Since my sister Deena, and my mom have since passed on, I will leave the story right here, they were both a huge reason I am here today. I miss you guys every day. Thank you to family friends from the past, because of you this is still a good memory. God Bless.