We went to Conner's T-ball game yesterday in Richland, and man oh man the kids didn't disappoint when it comes to entertainment. Kids out in the field picking at grass, looking at the sky, and for the most part didn't realize there was a game going on, but that's 4 and 5 year olds. So on the side lines was 2 year old sister Bailey Boo, who like most of the kids wasn't to interested in the game. So after ten minutes of begging, I broke down and took her to the play area, slides, swings, monkey bars and all sorts of climb up and around things. She played, I followed her around for about twenty minutes before I had to pull the plug and go back and watch the rest of Conner's game. That's when I got Bailey hooked on baseball. I dug around in Conner's bag and came up with some gloves, and a batting helmet. The following are Bailey's tips.

Always put on your gloves before you go to bat, and make sure they are on the right hand, plus I look pretty good in these things


Make sure your helmet fits, and it isn't messing up your hair, or covering up your face









And always keep your eye on the ball, and don't swing at those outside pitches. Good luck. Bailey