There were no winners in Tuesday's Meg Millions jackpot, so the prize will grow to a staggering $290 million. That's allot of mac and cheese baby. Winning numbers from yesterday were, 1-4-6-11-14 and mega ball 30. The closest I have ever come to winning the lotto was in the early 90's. We were one number off from a lotto jackpot of $13 million. We ended up with 650 dollars for five numbers. I worked with a guy at site two, who had an Oregon lotto ticket with numbers that matched the Washington numbers for that week, holy crap that would suck.  If I could win the Mega Millions, there would be allot of happy animals at my animal sanctuary. I'm thinking a couple of hundred acres should do. I would have a big pond with hippo's and elephants, and just a hodge podge of different animals. I would give to people too, mostly kids. Right now there is a $60 million jackpot that hasn't been claimed yet. I think if I had the ticket and didn't know it, I would hope I never find it. Two years down the road, while going through your underwear drawer, you come across a lotto ticket, go to your computer and look up the lotto website, and there on page one is the story about some sap who never turned in his winning ticket worth $60 million. " Honey, where do we keep the rope". If you play Mega Millions, good luck, heck I may buy a ticket myself. Sanctuary here we come.