Can you spot the two with pacifiers?
What about the eight bundled in pink?
Can you see the monkey hat?
How many snow leopard prints do you see?
What about the cow hat?
Do you see one on ice?
Can you find two lying in snow?
Which two have flowers on their hats?
Do you see a bird hat?
Can you find a brown teddy bear hat?
What about two pink teddy bear hoods?
Do you see one with basketball gloves?
Do you see one with a giraffe?
Which four have bears on their chests?
Which baby is holding a stick?
Which one is in a swing?
Can you find one lying in leaves?
Do you see an eagle on a jacket?
Can you find a red blanket?
Can you find a green hat?

It's not too late to submit a bundled baby photo. The deadline to submit is Sunday night. Then the polls open and our audience will vote for their favorite photo to win a photography session with MePho in Kennewick worth $379. The prize package includes a disc with all the images from the free photo shoot, 9 sheets of 8 x 10 (or smaller) and the option of half-off a wall portrait. Polls will close Feb. 24 at 11:59 p.m.