A couple of weeks ago I walked into the KORD studio and Chuck & Greg asked me if I was willing to take the Polar Plunge on January 21st. I said "Well that would be crazy" Then I saw how many people are actually jumping into the Columbia River and it's all for Special Olympics Of Washington. I then had a change of heart and said "YOU'RE ON"!

I spoke about this crazy deed that I am embarking on and started to embelish on it saying crazy things like "I'll jump in wearing a speedo"! "No wait! I'll wear a cape too!"

So I have a couple of friends that are donating $100 each and I have another friend at $20! With just a little push I have raised $220 for Special Olympics!

My goal is to raise $1000! I think I can do it! $1000 pledged for me to jump into the icy waters of the Columbia River on January 21st wearing nothing but my speedo, a cape, and my pride. Here is the link for you to donate directly! DONATE HERE!

Here is a video too of last years Polar Plunge! Looks like fun. Cold but fun! Maybe we'll have a chinook that day. Doubt it

Here is a video of last year's Polar Plunge. Still looks cold.