Did you catch the article in the Tri-city Herald this morning? 

According to the Social Security Administration top 10 list : New parents nationwide chose Jacob and Isabella as top names in 2010. Aparently spawned from the Twilight movies. 

 In the Tri-Cities, for boys born the same year it wasn't much different. Although the popular names were similar they were in a different order.

Judging from the names given to the more than 2,500 babies born at Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland in 2010, TriCitians were close to the national trends.

  The most popular boy's name at Kadlec was Jayden, including spelling variations Jaden, Jaeden. Jaiden, Jaydn, Jaydon and Jeydn  that name was inscribed on 26 birth certificates.

  Alex, Alexander, Alexzander and Alejandro came in second, with 22 boys getting the moniker and its variations.

Other top boys' names locally included Daniel, Aidean and its variations, Ethan, Mason, Anthony/Antonio, Samual/Sam and Logan. Noah and variations on Braden tied for the 10th spot.

For girls names, if you include Bella among the variations on Isabella, that was the most popular girls name with 21 infants named for the icon of teenage angst from Stephenie Meyer's Books.  Sophia or Sofia came in second, at 19 uses of the name. 

Other popular names for girls included Chloe or Khloe, five different spelling variations on Addison, three variations on Madison, six variations on Lilianna, Emma, and Haley. Lily and Emily were also on the list.

What was your favorite name in 2010?