I've told you about my tortoise, my celebrity autograph collection, being forced to climb the radio tower at age 18 to change the light bulb, etc. Here are 10 MORE things you didn't know about me:

1. I'm a Seattle Seahawks bandwagoner. Before I didn't really care. I was like, "Go Seahawks, yeah." Now I'm freakin' pumped! I'm paying attention!

2. In 2008, on an online video game (Resistance 2 -- a shooting game) I was ranked 50th in the world out of a couple million people. I played every day for several hours. It became like a full-time job. I have no idea how people maintain that! I'll NEVER do that again. It was like 6 hours EVERY DAY.

3. An elderly woman once told me, "God told me to share this with you: Your not married and you have the kids, right? Don't worry about the women. Spend ALL your time with the kids." Best advice ever given to me.

4. I absolutely hate celery. I've tried and tried and tried and tried.

5. I'm of Jewish descent on my mother's side.

6. I've never broken a bone or major surgery (just a knee).

7. I once dated a Penthouse Playmate (who moved here from California). Biggest mistake of my life. Seriously, nothing to brag about.

8. Most famous person I've ever met? Tie between Cher and Celine Dione -- but I've seriously met a ton of celebrities.

9. I have the entire, original cast of Scarface (Michelle Pfiefer, Brian DePalma, Al Pacino, etc.) signatures on a poster. I got that before it became a cult classic.

10. My biggest fear is drowning. I think that'd be a horrible, horrible death.